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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Testing Out the Webcam on Utterz

Okay. I have plenty of things I should have spent my afternoon doing. Yet, instead, I'm sitting here playing with the webcam, trying to figure out how to utter video with the intention of doing a few video blogs on my celebrity gossip blog ( If this works, y'all just might grow tired of me, as that was really fun!

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Another Update

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Monday, January 7, 2008

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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Needing Some Friendly Ears ... Eyes?

I just really need a friendly set of ears here to get this off my

chest. It's kind of personal, but I have a need to unload a little. I

talked about it a little briefly on Christmas Eve, talking about the

gift I was getting for my sister for Christmas, saying she had been

through a lot this year, finding out that her husband had a long term

affair with her best friend. The best friend is definitely out of the

picture, and my sister and brother in law have been trying to put

back the pieces to see if it can be salvaged. The other woman has not

been able to let it go and has been stalking my sister and brother in

law, who happen to live five houses down the street from us. She has

been calling their home phone, their cell phones, texting, etc. One

night she and her husband came over to our house to threaten my

brother in law when they saw their car in our driveway. My sister

called the cops and pressed charges. We all went to court and there's

now an order of protection against this woman coming within so many

feet of my sister, her workplace my brother in law's workplace, etc.

The calls have for the most part stopped, but we do get a lot of

untraceable calls, where we figure it's her, but it can't be proven.

We were all over at my sister and brother in law's house tonight ...

late. I was the last one to leave, and was going to drive my van

home, so I was out scraping the windshield. A white SUV slowed down

really slow next to my van, scaring the crap out of me, as they were

obviously waiting. They continued to drive really slow down the

street. I got in my van and locked the doors, and they waited a block

up the street at the corner. I waited in my van for them to leave,

and the SUV drove really slow by. I couldn't see who was in it, but

saw a white coat. The SUV stopped right in front of my house ...

waiting! It was obvious they knew me and knew where I lived. I called

me sister on my cell and drove away, I came back around, and the SUV

was driving by her house again, I drove in a circle, and the SUV was

going by my house again, so I pulled up in my sister's driveway. My

niece, meanwhile, had run down the street to see who was in the car,

and was pretty sure it was the other woman. The other woman flipped

off my niece, then drove away. I was still on my cell, and my niece

came back and my brother in law came outside. He then escorted me

home. How scary is that? Even if you know the person, it's still

scary when you see them waiting at your house for you.



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